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SMS Breeding Phantom

Adjustable in height & angle 
for 13.2 to 16.2 hand stallions
(taller size available)
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Removable cover -
(Replacement covers available)

Cut out on left side
 for easier positioning of the AV
and on the top for the comfort of the stallion
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Built with quick release pins,
 at or slightly above ground level.
This allows you to remove
the phantom for easy storage.




SMS Breeding Phantom TM - and the thought that went into our design !

  Stallion Management Services has been building breeding phantoms since 1997
We use what we sell and will be there after the sale.  SMS breeding phantoms are made with the best materials and NO short cuts.   The steel, padding, and cover are all made in the USA.   We are the original  designers and constantly improve our phantoms - GUARANTEED!!    We always love feedback from our customers, and many of our improvements have come from customer suggestions.  See our about SMS Breeding PhantomsTM for more info.  For pictures of sample breeding areas and info on footing - click here.

CUSTOM CUT PHANTOM BODY - SMS breeding phantom bodies and legs come with a 10 year warranty (warranty does not include cover).  It is built from heavy duty steel, yet is still easily adjustable.   Our cutout on the side provides for easier positioning of the AV.  It helps keep the stallion positioned behind the breeding phantom rather than trying to come around the side to reach the AV.  Without the cutout stallions have a tendency to twist their back to get to the AV on the side of the AV.   Once they are around the side, some stallions just continue up the side until they fall off the front.  If they don't travel up the side, then they are still breeding in an uncomfortable and unbalanced position.  By starting him behind the breeding phantom in a comfortable position he has no reason to travel up the side.  There is also the added touch of another comfort cut at the top of the back end.  It was put there purely for the comfort of the stallion.  After all he is the main customer of the breeding phantom.  

PHANTOM LEGS - The SMS Breeding Phantom is built with two heavy duty steel legs to withstand the most aggressive stallions.  During training stallions have been known to climb completely over a breeding phantom with the entire weight of their body on the breeding phantom all at once.  Have piece of mind knowing your breeding phantom has two sturdy legs under it and two heavy duty, SOLID connecting points to the breeding phantom body.   Our legs don't have any fancy gears or hydraulics to adjust them.   Our legs are the same size square tubing and hitch pins used to tow your trailer.  How could you get any stronger than that?  This makes our phantoms less expensive to make, yet you can still easily change their height and angle.  Our legs are positioned toward the back to properly distribute his weight over BOTH legs.  When the legs are toward the front of the phantom one of the legs ends up in the middle of the phantom.  As the stallions is mounted on one end, the center leg works like a fulcrum (imagine a teeter totter - what happens when weight is applied at one end - the other end goes up)  That puts a lot of lift on that front leg and I've seen them pop right out of the ground, cement and all.   You also don't want the legs so far back that they are in the way of the stallion's hind feet while he is on the phantom. 

PHANTOM PADDING - Our padding has been chosen to provide maximum give and at the same time provide stability.  The outer most padding is 100% waterproof and moisture resistant and stays flexible to -35 degrees.  The inside padding is designed to provide enough "give" so the stallion can comfortably grip the breeding phantom without struggling and without the need for hips.  If the breeding phantom is too hard the stallion's legs can't not "grab" the phantom, which he needs to do to be able to thrust properly.

PHANTOM COVERS - Our covers are made from a heavy duty industrial material manufactured with cross linked fibers to protect it from tearing further if ever punctured.  Our cover is removable for repairs and/or replacement covers are available.  There are many manufacturers of the material we use for our phantoms, but they are not created equally.  They may all have been 22oz fabric, but there is more to it than that.  We have tried a half dozen different manufactures, and in 2004 we found the best, and it is Made in America.  Several of the other fabrics were made overseas and would delaminate or not hold up due to the inferior manufacturing process.

      Every aspect of the SMS Breeding Phantom has been carefully designed to provide you with the most comfortable and safe breeding phantom on the market.  We collect and train stallions for a living and have used many different breeding mounts, and I can very proudly say "our breeding phantoms are the best I've used".  

Colors of the SMS Breeding Phantom


(Gray or Green)

If your phantom is going to be outside,
keep in mind darker colors get hot.
  So the gray may be better if your
phantom will be in the sun.





$ 1,775 
plus S & H 

(for more info on shipping click here)

We ship to the continental USA and Canada
(Ca residents add 7.25% sales tax,
however you may be eligible for a 5% discount on sales tax-
contact us for details).

Included with Purchase:

Free phone and/or email consultation
on collecting your stallion.

Installation Kit - without the installation kit
the legs may not adjust properly



For your convenience we offer several choices to order your SMS Breeding Phantom.




Standard Breeding Phantom - Gray or Green

$1,775  plus shipping

TALL Breeding Phantom - Gray or Green
to view info on Tall Phantom click here

$1,875 plus shipping


Replacement Covers

SMS Breeding Phantom Cover - Gray or Green

$425 includes shipping
(within Continental USA)


If you would like to pay by check or Money Order, our address is:

6905 Happy Valley Rd.
Anderson, CA  96007



"How to Train Your
Stallion to a Phantom"

$29.95 shipping included


This video will help you with the design of your breeding area, selecting a phantom, and training your stallion to collect off a  phantom.  By showing  actual collections in different situations and by 8 different stallions, you will be able to determine what will work best for your breeding operation.   We will then take you from start to finish while we train a stallion to a phantom.  

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